Information on new Payment Methods.

Molloy Disposal Services is implementing a new convenient Payment Option, recurring billing.
This means a credit card will be securely kept on file and you will no longer have to come to our website every 3 months to manually pay.  Once you agree, you will be charged automatically on the agreed date and you'll receive email confirmation.

Here's how we will set you up.   IMPORTANT

First make a payment on our website.
  • Top left corner of every page of this website there is an "enter amount" box.  Type in the amount and click "Make Online Payment" button.
  • You will be brought to a form to fill in your details, Invoice#, Name, address, phone, email, credit card, etc.  You will then receive an auto email that will ask for your signature for the transaction.  If you are on your cell phone, you can sign with your finger.  If you are on a laptop, you can sign with your mouse.
  • Within a week after your payment is processed, you will receive an email explaining the recurring billing details and when you approve, you will need to sign again.  Once signed, you will be automatically charged every 3 months moving forward.  ** Note:  If you would like to be set up for recurring billing using your checking account, ACH, please call me at (781) 834-1775 and we can set it up over the phone.
  • If you do NOT want to participate in the recurring billing, please say so in the "Notes".  You will continue to pay by coming to the website every 3 months to manually pay your Quarterly Bill.